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Volume 1 

Chapter 1 – The First Chapter

Early morning. It’s so bright that I had to open my lazy eyelids. Why does my house have to face the sun. Waking up everyday to the sun’s glare makes me want to cry.

“You lazy bum! Are you up yet?”

Hearing this pleasant voice, I immediately jumped down from bed.

“I’m up, I’m up.”

“Hurry up and come eat breakfast! You’re going to be late for school.”

“Okay, okay. I’m coming.”

Fortunately I reacted quickly, otherwise mother’s pleasant voice would have started casting the elementary water magic, water bullet, to wake me up. But mother is an intermediate water mage, so if I got hit I would truly be miserable. (However this is not the primary reason, because if mother shoots the water bullet at me, the blanket will get wet. When I go outside to dry my blankets, all of my friends ridicule me as “Bedwetting” Wu.)

Right, I forgot to explain my background. Of course, I’m the hero of this story. My name is Zhang Gong. The continent I live in is called Tianwu and in the West is the continent of Libo. In the whole world there are only these two continents and of course, the rest of the world is the covered by the ocean. In Tianwu there are three countries: the kingdom of plentiful resources, the Dalu kingdom, the kingdom of knights, the Xiuda Kingdom and the kingdom where I reside, the magic kingdom of Aixia.

The kingdom of Dalu has the largest territory, with it spanning three-sevenths of continent of Tianwu’s land. Furthermore it is a rich in resources, wealthy and is overall a powerful kingdom. The main army is composed of warriors, while mages supplement the main army thanks to the funding the army receives. With an army such as this, the kingdom of Dalu has the largest army of the three kingdoms.

The kingdom of Xiuda is a country which upholds the honor of knights therefore the country does not have many mages residing in it. Their army is composed entirely of warriors, with their cavalry being the most powerful in the whole Tianwu continent. Furthermore, they possess three regiments of the unique Earth Dragoons which is composed entirely of knights at the intermediate rank or higher. On the plains it is impossible for any opposing army to withstand the assault of Xiuda’s cavalry without a barrier.

Speaking of my homeland, the kingdom of Aixia is in fact an authentic magic kingdom. Every single citizen, no matter how poor they are will receive an elementary education in magic. The kingdom possesses dozens of major magic schools as every citizen has the right to learn magic. (Of course, the prerequisite is that you have the money to pay the tuition.)  Even if the citizen doesn’t have money there is still the town’s Elder who will teach some basic knowledge of magic.

In this country, magic education is divided into three stages:

The first stage: Elementary magic academy. Generally students enroll between the ages of 5 to 10 years old and will continue studying there for 5 years. Upon graduation the students will take an exam to become a magic disciple or receive the title of an elementary rank mage.

The second stage: Intermediate magic academy. Admission is based on what the students scored on the elementary magic academy graduation exam and naturally students with better results will be able to enter better magic academies. Intermediate magic academy doesn’t have a set number school years, instead it works on the basis of credits. Only 60 credits are required before students can graduate and obtain the title of an intermediate rank mage. In the duchy, the fastest record for graduating intermediate magic academy was still three years while it generally takes 5 to 10 years to graduate for the average student. Most of the kingdoms wealthy citizens stop learning magic sometime during intermediate magic academy. The number of intermediate rank mages in the kingdom is somewhere from 300,000 to 450,000.

The third stage: Advanced magic academy. In order to be admitted into an advanced magic academy, not only is an intermediate rank mage certificate required, but it is also required to pass the examination of the Mage’s Union. After passing the exam, students once again be admitted to the academy corresponding to their exam results. According the Aixia’s regulations, all students who attend an advanced magic academy will not have to pay any tuition fees. The reason that all costs will be covered by the kingdom is for the kingdom’s magic talent to flourish. The most prestigious magic academy is the Royal Magic Academy where only those with great magical talent are admitted. Furthermore, they have extremely rigorous examinations even for a prince. Princesses also must pass examinations before they will be admitted. After graduating from an advanced magic academy, the results of the graduation exam with determine which certificate the student receives.

Tianwu continent’s three human kingdoms are extremely united because they have a common enemy, the Western continent’s demon race and beast clans.

In the Western continent, there are two kingdoms. The Holy Light Empire is ruled by the demon race while the beast clans rule the Valiant Mist Empire. The demon race looks very similar to humans with the only difference being that their eyes are purple. Those of the demon race are naturally ambitious and aggressive while they inherently possess darkness magic. On the other hand, the beast clans are unable to use magic but their powerful bodies are their best weapon in addition to their high magic defense. The beast clan’s ace corps in comparison to their main army is even more frightening.

The Eastern and Western continents are separated by the Tianduo mountains. Humanity sacrificed millions of warriors in order to build the most powerful mountain fortress, Telun fortress. Since the magic fortress have been built the two beast clans could not climb past the pond called Lei, enabling the continent to enjoy peace for the last 200 years.

In this world, there are six elements of magic: light, darkness, water, fire, earth and wind. Besides these six elements of magic, there are also special elements of magic such as summoning magic, spatial magic and so on.

Mages ranks are divided into: novice mage (apprentice mage), elementary rank mage, intermediate mage, advanced mage, great mage, magic scholar, magister and the legendary Grand Magister.

Magic spells are divided 9 ranks: ranks 1 to 3 are of the elementary class, ranks 4 and 5 are of the intermediate class, ranks 6 to 8 are of the advanced class and rank 9 spells are of the forbidden class. Forbidden class spells require six or more magisters working together in order to cast. A mage who is able to cast a forbidden class spell singlehandedly would be considered a Grand Magister and only one has ever appeared in the legends.

Warrior ranks are divided into: elementary warrior, intermediate warrior, advanced warrior, knights, earth knight, heaven knight, holy knight, sword saint and the legendary War God.

Battle spirit classes are divided into: battle spirit, earth battle spirit, heaven battle spirit, god battle spirit and holy battle spirit which enables whoever possesses it to be unscratched by all spells below the forbidden class.

Summoned beasts have two types:the power growth type, which grow more powerful as they mature, and the body rank type where they will remain as powerful as they were when summoned. The higher the rank their body is, the more powerful the beast is. From ranks 1 to 9, power growth type are very rare. Furthermore, if the power growth type summoned beast encounters a body rank type summoned beast, they attempt to kill each other in order to prevent their opponent from growing any stronger.

Money is divided into: 1 diamond coin = 100 gold coins = 10 000 silver coins = 1 000 000 copper coins

Magic crystals from highest value to lowest is:purple, jade, red, blue, white, black, green.

The background information is here, following this will be the main story.

A new chapter is about to begin. The wheel of history is moving toward his destiny.

Child of Light Vol 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1: Chapter 2 – Choosing the Light Element

Cong cong

I quickly ate two mouthfuls of breakfast then left the house for school in a hurry.

“Walk faster, you don’t want to be late otherwise the teacher will have a bad impression of you. Properly learn magic! Pay attention to the road and come home quickly after school!

Mother sure is amazing, saying these words every day, it’s impossible for me to not know them by heart by now. However, her concern for me makes my heart warm.

My name is Zhang Gong, 7 years old this year and living near the landlocked kingdom of Aixia’s second largest city, in a small village beside Senke city. As my family is relatively wealthy, my mother and father were very hopeful and brought me to the city’s Sunke Elementary Magic Academy in order to learn magic. I’m now in the third grade. Since a young age I have shown interest in magic but I’m a lazy person by nature. In more than two years I have only learned some elementary class magic and some basic magic theory.

Today is the day I have to tell the teacher what element of magic I chose. This will determine what class I’m in. (Each mage has major and minor magic elements. They will only have one major element which they concentrate on while they can have up to three minor magic elements to supplement their major element.) What should I choose…? I like fire magic, but it feels a bit too dangerous. Since my motto is ‘safety first’, it really conflicts. So what should I choose…? Which magic is the safest?

Thinking about it….

Ah, yes, light magic seems the safest. In the past, teacher said that there are basically no attack spells of the light element before advanced class. It’s basically purely defensive or curative and I won’t have to spar with others. Yea, I’m choosing this. (Due to the kingdom of Aixia constantly promoting magic, students in magic academies often have to tests to increase their practical experience and confirm their magic level. However, because of our low magic levels, no one has come to test the lower grade’s magic levels yet. Generally they will test it in grade 5 or in the intermediate magic academy.

I’m truly am smart! What minor magic to choose? I’ll choose wind magic and learn some air blasting techniques (Major wind magic) or something. This way I can quickly escape in case of danger. Wait, no, no, wind magic is fast but it isn’t capable of instant movement. Mother told me there was a spatial magic scholar who could teleport about 10km. (And he is still only a magic scholar!) Spatial magic is pretty good, so I’ll choose it instead then!

After such deep thought, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Later generations would praise a light system Grand Magister, Zhang Gong Wei, the Child of Light.  Zhang Gong Wei will later become a powerful figure with a widespread name, unable escape the clutches of the hand of fate. Chosen, his light magic had been destined to be spread throughout the continent. (Not to mention his spatial system magic which he often uses to escape.)

I happily walked to town and turned my thoughts to this beautiful life. I couldn’t restrain myself from laughing due to my happiness.

“Zhang Gong”

“You’re so annoying Ao De. You scared me!”

He is both my best friend and my classmate.

“What elements of magic did you pick?”

“I’ve chosen the light element for the major and the spatial element as the minor.”

“That’s just like you! Ha ha.”

“What do you know! Why don’t you tell me why I picked these two then.”

I’m a surprised by Ao De.

“Of course, since your motto is “safety first’.”

“So annoying! You’re correct. What did you choose then?”

“I chose water element as my major and spatial element as my minor!” said Ao De with his chest out and a proud look on his face.

“I understand why you picked the spatial element (of course he would pick the same as me), but why did you pick the water element?”

“You wouldn’t understand”, Ao De said while looking like a little adult.

“Hurry up and say why.”

“There are a lot of girls who pick the water element! There are basically no boys. I can bully them and take their snacks! Haha.”

“This young yet you’re so spoiled. I’m going to tell your father.”

I raised my head high. But then I thought, though the water element has more girls, after entering an intermediate magic academy if he continued bullying the girls, there would be a tragic consequences. The older brothers of this village were beaten horribly when they bullied the academy’s beauties. Ao De will truly be miserable after he grows up from a brat, thinking this I cannot help but look at Ao De with doubt.

“Come learn magic of the water element with me!”

Because he doesn’t want me to expose him, he’s even trying to draw me in!

“No need. Just get me some good treats in the future and I won’t tell you father. Okay?”

“Okay. No problem.”

“We’re at the school. Hurry up, we’re going to be late soon.”

Sunke City’s Elementary Magic Academy is the city’s biggest magic academy. It occupies over 20 000m² and there are a lot of practice fields and faculty buildings. Ao De and I are in class 3-4.

“Good thing we’re not late, otherwise the old witch will punish us again.” Ao De muttered to me.

“Be quiet. The old witch is coming. (Of course, the old witch is our class’s teacher. The 50 year old fire element advanced mage, teacher Lin. She very strict and she matured into an unattractive woman. So me and my classmates gave her the nickname of ‘Old Witch’).”

“Good morning students.”

“Good morning teacher.”

As soon as the old witch came in the class fell silent, because no one wanted this old volcano to erupt.

“Have all of students thought properly about what magic element to choose?”

“Yes we have.”

“Good. Come line up in the front to register then.”

When I registered, the old witch looked at me and said “You’re choosing the light element as your major?”

“Yes, that’s right teacher.”

“Did you know that in the whole kingdom those who choose the light element as their major besides the professionals are only monks who use it for treatment?”

“What? Why is that? I didn’t know!”

It turns out that 200 years ago when the two continents first collided, there were a lot of humans learning the light magic because light magic is the weakness the demon race. In the war, intermediate light element mage had two main functions, as intermediate light spells are capable of basic treatment of the injured and damaging the demon race. Light and darkness spells also had two other functions. But today, 200 years later, due to the peaceful 200 years without war, people are able to live peacefully. Thus light spells have slowly become entirely useless. In comparison to the practical water, fire, earth and wind spells, the light element is fairly basic. Furthermore, in intermediate class light spells are almost entirely defensive or for healing purposes. So most people choose who favor being aggressive choose the water, fire, earth or wind element as their major and although slightly inferior to light spells, water spells are also able to heal. However, due to water spells having offensive spells and defensive spells in a more even ratio, even the girls who want to learn how healing spells give up the light element in favor of the water element. Leaving only the peace-loving monks to choose the light element as their major.

For the seven year old me, of course I wouldn’t know about this. After the teachers explanation, I told her about my motto of ‘safety first’ and that I was set on choosing the light magic.

“Well then, all of the students who have selected their magic element, it’s an early dismissal today. Tomorrow, you will all be divided into classes according to the magic element you have chosen.

Yea! Class is over!

Child of Light Vol 1 Chapter 3

Volume 1: Chapter 3 – My Teacher

Feeling accomplished, I returned home and see that mom has already prepared dinner.

“You’re home! Were you good today in class?”

“I was very good! Right, mom today I picked the major and minor magic elements I want to study.”

“Ah! Come quickly husband, our son has picked his major and minor magic elements!”

“Really? Son did you choose wind magic?”

Hearing the news, dad quickly ran over.

“Definitely not, obviously our son chose to study water magic, right son?”

With eyes brimming with hope mom looked at me.

My mom is an intermediate water element mage and dad is an intermediate wind mage. Since the moment I have been born, they have been arguing about what magic element I should choose as my major.

Watching their eyes brimming with hope, ah, what am I going to do? I had forgot all about them. My small brain thought quickly on how to answer them.

“No, no, not at all. The major magic element I chose was neither the wind element nor the water element.”

“What?” The two of them looked at me with surprised eyes.

“Then what did you choose? Did you choose the earth element or the fire element? Either of those is unbefitting of my son. You didn’t even consult me or your mother of choosing your magic element. This month you’re not getting an allowance!”

“Is your ass itching for a beating!?” Dad said with a threatening look.

“No, no. It’s not like that. Mom, dad don’t be upset. I didn’t choose the fire element or the earth element, I chose the light element. I chose it for your sakes!”

“What? Because of us?”

“Yes, of course it’s because of you two, but also for our family’s harmony. It is like this, think about it, if I chose the water element, dad would be upset. If I chose the wind element, then mother would have certainly killed me, so I didn’t choose either of them. Fire magic and mom’s water magic mutually suppress each other, so for my gentle, beautiful and kind mom, I couldn’t possibly choose it. Earth magic and dad’s wind magic also mutually suppress each other, so for my handsome, charming and powerful dad, I couldn’t possibly choose it either. So I chose the light magic which doesn’t oppose anyone else’s magic in the family. Because I was thinking about our whole family’s happiness, this is what I chose!”

As I said this I looked at mother and father with eyes brimming with tears.

Looking at the teary eyed me, mother couldn’t help but come and comfort me.

“Our Zhang Gong is such a good son, doing this for the sake of his parents.”

Father also came and embraced us. I really like this loving and harmonious atmosphere but I did not expect some nonsense and two tall hats would have fooled them into uniting. Ha ha.

“Zhang Gong, in the future you must study properly. You must at the very least become an advanced rank mage!”

“Yes father, I definitely won’t disappoint you two.”

Mom looked like she suddenly remembered something. “Zhang Gong, light spells in the elementary rank and intermediate rank didn’t have any attack magic right since people rarely study light magic.”

“Don’t worry, you two can be assured that I will definitely become an advanced mage.”

I’ve become so clever. If I wanted to work hard, I wouldn’t have picked light magic. Haha, I’ll trick them first then worry about it.

“Well fine, let’s eat and celebrate our Zhang Gong’s choice.”

A night without words.

The next day, in the morning working up by both the sun and mother’s call. I eat some breakfast and Ao De is already here.

“Zhang Gong it’s time to go to school. Today the classes will be divided.”

“I’m coming. Let’s go!”

Just like yesterday, we step into the classroom.

The old witch walked in.

“Enough, quiet down students. We’re going to start dividing the classes. In this group of 5 classes, everyone has already picked their major and minor elements to study. All 5 classes will be rearranged into new classes according to the element that was chosen. Three classes for fire, two classes for water, two classes for wind and one class for earth. Now I will announce the classes each of you will be in. As I read off the classes, go to the class you have been assigned.” There’s no need to question the fire element’s attack power.

Impossible, how come there isn’t a light element class? A huge question mark is produced in my mind.

“Tang Di, fire element class one. Li Cha, fire element class one….. Ao De, water element class two…..”

Except for me, all of my classmates have been assigned their class and one by one they left to for their assigned class. After the last student leaves for their class.

“Zhang Gong, follow me to see your teacher. Since there are only 10 light element mages in the world the academy has specially arranged for a teacher to give you a specialized tutoring.”

Oh no! Specialized tutoring, it must be a temperamental teacher. My death is assured now. (I can’t suffer this old witch’s pain!) While thinking this, I walked with teacher out of the classroom.

Arriving at the teacher’s office on the third floor, isn’t this the principal’s office? “Go on Zhang Gong, come in with me.” seeing me hesitating, the old witch gave me a pull.

“Oh, good, teacher.”

Entering the principal’s office, I see the principal behind a big office desk smiling at me.

“Teacher Lin, is this the Zhang Gong that chose to study the light element in your class? Let me introduce myself, I am a Great Mage with my major element being spatial and my minor element being light. My name is Xi Yu Xiu, but call me teacher Xiu.”

My eyes followed the principal’s hands. Ah, this is going to be my teacher?  A 50 year old man? Looking him from head to toe, he looks like a spotless purple robed mage shaking with energy. On his chest is a mage badge with four stars. (A mage’s rank can been seen by the number of stars on his badge. Each rank risen corresponds with an additional star while an apprentice mage has no stars.) Wearing a serious face, he seemed quite ominous.

“Hello Teacher Xiu, please look after Zhang Gong.”

“Teacher Lin, no need to be courteous.”

“So you are Zhang Gong. Hey, you better study magic properly under me. I’ll have you know I’m very strict. I hope you will study hard as I will try my best to impart my knowledge onto you.”

What can I say? My eyes had already lost hope. How could I have overlooked this? I’m going to become cannon fodder! So miserable! God of Creation, you treat me so unfairly!

“Thank you teacher. I will put in great effort.”

It seems from now on I am going to have a hard time.

On the way home, Ao De asked me who my magic teacher was. In order to save face, I boasted that I had a very benevolent teacher. Ao De enviously told me that his class’s teacher is extremely fierce. How could he possibly be fiercer than Teacher Xiu? I could only hope that Teacher Xiu has a heart attack tonight and becomes unable to teach me.

Right as Teacher Xiu was eating dinner, he sneezed and thought ‘Who’s cursing me?’

Later, historians records of Xi Yu Xiu (Teacher Xiu) show that: If there hadn’t been the Great Mage Xi Lu Xiu to build the foundations in to the Child of Light when he was still a child, then there wouldn’t be the Child of Light as we know it.

Laying this so-called solid foundation had such a great effect that the Grand Magister, known as the Child of Light, trembles at the name of Xi Lu Xiu even thirty years later.

Child of Light Vol 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1: Chapter 7 – Spatial Magic

Due to Teacher Xiu’s “hands-on” teaching, in half a year my magic power level had a qualitative leap. Under the demon’s harsh training, I am now able to endure two hours of the demon’s magic assault. Every morning when I get to school I practice defense, defense and more defense. I do this until my strength is exhausted, then Teacher Xiu allows me to meditate and restore some magic power. In the afternoon, he continues attacking me with magic.

In the last six months, I have learned all of the elementary light element defense spells. I always thought that Teacher Xiu was actually a sadist while I was just a pitiful little sand bag for him to ravage.

When I arrived at the door of the classroom, I had first cast a light shield on myself then had cast a light mirror to reflect magic. (Light mirror is a spell I learned in this short period of time and is also my favorite spell. It’s a reflection type defense magic that I am very skilled at.) Carefully controlling these two magics, I opened the door. I was really scared as everyday as soon as I enter I will be suddenly bombarded with magic. I will often get covered in dirt, so right now I’m casting some good defensive spells on myself before I enter the classroom.

“Good morning Teacher Xiu.”

What greeted me was a light arrow. I hastily leaned my body to the side while using the light mirror’s plane to deflect the light arrow. So why did I deflect the spell? The reason was that although the light mirror can reflect spells, it will consume a lot of my magic power. However, deflecting it can greatly decrease the power of the incoming spell and the effect is really good. Currently, my control over these elementary spells was very strong. So, I fused the light shield and light mirror to create a new basin-sized shield on my left. For now I’m calling it the light prism shield. Although it isn’t an omnidirectional defense, due to the compression of light element, the defense power was enhanced greatly. Moreover, it can reflect magic so it’s really effective. Teacher Xiu used an intermediate class spell to attack me but within this short period of time, it was unable to break my light prism shield.

“It reflects very quickly! Defensive magic will now temporarily come to an end and starting today, you will learn spatial magic. This is my major magic, so hopefully you can learn it well.”

“Wow, spatial magic! That’s good too. In the future I can use it to flee.” In the future I won’t have to fear this ruthless old man anymore as long as I learn this properly. If he abuses me, then I can just use spatial magic to go home. Haha. (Is it really that simple?)

“Now I will tell you the fundamental principles of spatial magic. Spatial magic is split into movement magic and attack magic. Spatial movement magic relies heavily on skill, where magic power determines the distance you can teleport and spiritual power determines how accurate your teleport is. The shorter the distance you teleport, the more accurate the teleport will be. The technique to use spatial movement magic is to use your spiritual power to designate the location you want to go to, then with a simple incantation you teleport you there. It is divided into short range teleportation, long distance teleportation and large-scale long range teleportation. Short range teleportation is generally used to dodge enemy attacks. However, large-scale long range teleportation and long range teleportation are rarely used, mainly due to the the requirement of high spiritual power, low accuracy and could potentially teleport several hundred kilometers off the target. Large-scale long range teleportation also needs magic support in order to cast.”

“Teacher, teacher, then you were deceiving me when you said that you would teleport back from the capital to inspect my studies?”

Having accidentally leaking that out, Teacher Xiu had an awkward expression on his face. “You go study magic properly and don’t ask so many questions. Today you’ll start learning short range teleportation of the spatial movement magic. If you have the magic power and spiritual power of a Great Mage, you will be able to teleport anywhere within 500 meters with this magic.”

Having said this, Teacher Xiu suddenly disappeared right in front of me and there was a clap from behind me. It turns out that Teacher Xiu used teleportation magic to move behind me. Wow, so mystical.

“Teacher, how come I didn’t hear an incantation?”

“This is what I was going to tell you next. The short range teleportation incantation is very short, just a single word. All you need to do is control the magic power, designate a place you want to go in your mind then mouth the word silently.”

“What’s the word?”


“It’s this simple?”

“You try it then.”


I begin to focus my spirit, setting the target as the corner of the classroom. Silently I thought “Move.” I felt a whoosh, then I moved to a different area.

How come there’s nothing under my feet. Ouch! Thump. I teleported to the small pond outside the classroom.

From the pond, I awkwardly climbed out and spit out water. What? This is not good at all, the mistake was too big. I returned to the classroom. Teacher Xiu seeing my embarrassed look, couldn’t help but reveal a smiling expression on his serious face.

“Know that movement magic requires a high amount of spiritual power and during the transfer, your spirit must be focused. The slightest bit of carelessness can cause a huge difference. Today you will practice here. Try to teleport as far as possible.”

“Yes, Teacher Xiu.”

Seeing that Teacher Xiu had left, I sat my butt on the floor. This is better than the last few days, I don’t have to suffer the demon’s training anymore. Because of my motto of ‘safety first’ (fleeing career), I must practice properly. In my mind, I secretly became determined. “Move.”  The place I transfer to is 3 meters in front of me. Ah, not bad. This time it was really a success.

“Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.”

I kept practicing short range teleportation until I ran out of magic power to sustain the spell.

The result is not bad. I’m becoming more and more skilled. In the range of this thirty square meter house, I am basically able to move to anywhere I think of. No more practice, it’s time to rest. Tomorrow I will give the old demon a pleasant surprise. While I was thinking, I gradually entered the meditation (sleep) state.

Since that day, I began to continuously practice short range teleportation. The thought of escaping the demon’s training quickly left me; every morning I’m abused for 1 hour. Afterwards I practice short range teleportation. Gradually, the range I could teleport expanded. From a radius of thirty meters to fifty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters and within a year I could already reach the limit of short range teleportation. I can casually teleport to anywhere within five hundred meters with a very high accuracy.

“Zhang Gong, come. I’m taking you to a new training ground.

I followed Teacher Xiu to the the rear courtyard. The whole area had an area of three hundred square meters with five meter tall wood stands installed and on every stand is a thick rope attached to a big sack.

“Teacher, what is this used for?”

“It’s for letting you practice short range teleportation! Watch.” Teacher Xiu all of the over a hundred sacks down from the stand. All of the sacks interweaved together, continuously swinging. “Watch carefully.” Having said this, Teacher Xiu teleported to the sacks, and continuously teleported. The sack from beginning to end didn’t touch him. After a minute, Teacher Xiu left the circle.

“You go try. From now on, you’ll practice within the swinging sacks. I’ll have light tiger help you push the sacks.”

“Teacher, please spare me.”

“Be at ease, there’s no problem. Teacher’s recovery magic is not bad. Or do you want to switch the sacks with iron balls.”

“Of course the sacks are good. The sacks are great.” Hearing this such terrifying words, I didn’t dare to complain. I immediately entered the waves of sacks. I dodged. I dodged. Not even three times and I was hit outside by the sacks. It really hurts. Teacher Xiu immediately cast elementary recovery magic on me, then put me back in. I continually dodged and dodged. Quickly I got hit and came flying out. My young body is being ruthlessly destroyed by this demon.

Another strange thing is that by enduring this inhuman torture, my body has really gotten more and more sturdy. Teacher Xiu told me that one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations. Only by first protecting yourself will you be able survive. But the best way to protect yourself is to flee. (This matches with my ideology.)

Every week Monday, Wednesday and Friday I study magic. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday is the sacks array. The sack array also gradually increases in difficulty according to my ability. (This so-called difficulty was nothing after Teacher Xiu gave me an omni-directional intermediate magic – That of Lightning.)

Child of Light Vol 3 Chapter 38

Volume 3: Chapter 38 – Guidance to the Next Path

“No matter how you say it, without your assistance, we would have suffered a genocide. We still have to thank you.” I thought to myself, “This Elf King is far too polite; this is truly enough to tire me.”

Suddenly, I thought of a bright idea. I whispered in voice only he could hear into his ear, “If you truly want to thank me, then when I leave, you can send me off with all kinds of fruit wines. That will be enough.” Hearing my words, the Nature Elf King’s complexion changed, and whispered to me equally as quiet, “Magister Wei, yesterday your group drank half a year’s worth of wine. I can only give you little more.”

“If it is difficult, then forget about it.”

The Elf King smiled bitterly and said, “Do you know how much money we could make if we sell our elven made wines to human nations? A small bottle can be sold for 10,000 diamond coins or higher. When you leave, I will give you a few bottles. Be sure to tell those countless elves wanting to be your friends that I have already gifted you, otherwise they’ll all want me to…”

I sent an understanding glance toward him and smiled.

“What made you two so happy?” Zhan Hu and everyone walked in a line and sat one by one to the right of me.

I guiltily said, “Big Brother, you all came. Just now, I was telling his Majesty a joke.”

The Elf King said, “Third Elder, since everyone is present, tell them all we know about the Holy Sword.”

The Third Elder agreed and said, “First, I, on behalf of the entire Nature Elven race, express sincere respect toward all of you. Thank you for assistance in allowing my race to survive through this crisis.”

Zhan Hu laughed with a smile and said, “Please don’t thank us. If such a time ever comes again, all you would need is to give us a few more bottles of your hundred fruit wines.” Others one by one expressed their agreement. Even Dong Ri, who did not particularly like drinking, nodded. Sure enough, I gave the Elf King the correct answer.

I had to cheat everyone this time for my delicious fruit wine. “Let it go. Big Brother, yesterday we drank a whole year produced of wine. They don’t have any more in stock.”  The Elf King and I looked at each other with a mutual understanding.

Zhan Hu disappointedly licked his lips and continued, “Had I known yesterday, I would have drank a bit less.”

I signaled Third Elder to continue. He continued, “The Holy Sword, it is said to be the remaining weapon of the king of all gods long ago. It has the might to destroy the heavens and exterminate the earth. According to the ancient legends of my race, it should be within the Forest of Gods.”

“The Forest of Gods? I’ve never heard of it before.” I asked in doubt.

“Right. That is how it should be. Since ancient times, Us Nature Elves have been named Emissaries of the Gods. That is why only we know of this secret. Actually, we’ve seen many treasure hunters like yours. However, those who searched in the Forest of Gods are few.  Even if you find the Forest of Gods, you would not be able to pass the boundary created by the gods. In all this time, not one had found the Holy Sword. You are the first group in three hundred years to hunt treasure here.”

“Boundary? We can’t enter, even with our power?” The power of us six is enough to handle a small army.

“Your group’s power is truly strong.  When I was young, I have seen power not inferior to that of your group of humans, but they were not able to enter. It is said that to pass through this boundary, not only do you need strength, but you also need to receive the acknowledgement of the gods. This is all we know. As to how to enter the Forest of Gods, even we do not know this. However, it should not be too dangerous. You’ll be able to drive away what comes.

I originally believed that because of our strength that completing this mission shouldn’t be hard, but I hadn’t expect this to be so complicated. I bitterly smiled and said, “Thank you for telling us this. So where is this Forest of Gods? We will go and try our luck.”

The Third Elder smiled and said, “Zhang Gong, don’t worry. I feel that you are the kind of person that gives others an unusual feeling of intimacy. Although the time we’ve known each other was not long, I am unable to not see you as a friend.  The Gods should be fond of kindhearted people. In addition, you can also use light magic. Therefore the chances of the gods accepting you are quite high.”

Hearing the Third Elder’s Words, Xiu Si continued, saying, “That’s right. Xing Ao, Gao De and I all feel this way. At the start, we were not particularly convinced of him. However, the longer we were together, the more reliable he became. Unconsciously, he already became our friend.”

I looked at everyone. It really seems to be this way. I have no absolute enemies and people I spend little time with have exceptional confidence in me. Originally, I had believed this was because I was really handsome. But it turns out it was only because of my affinity with others. I was truly disappointed.

“That’s enough. Everyone stop praising me. Third Elder please talk about the location of Forest of Gods.”

The Third Elder chuckled, “Actually, you are already in the Forest of Gods.”

His words rendered us speechless. He continued on, “We’re only at its exterior.  Where we are in the Elves’ Forest is the Forest of the Gods exterior. Head deeper in and it will be the Forest of Gods.”

Zhan Hu smiled and said, “Zhang Gong, our luck is so great. After a small detour, we’ll have to travel no further. Elder, we’ll have to inconvenience you to bring us there.”

Third Elder pondered, then said, “A rule of our elven ancestors is troublingly to never approach a hundred kilometers of the Forest of Gods. I can only tell you it’s approximate location. If you walk in the direction I told you, you should be able to find it.”

“That is also fine. Then we will now set off.”

Just as I stood up to leave, I saw the Elf King wear a troubling expression. It seemed he wanted to say something. “Your Majesty, do you want to say something else?”

The Elf King gave an embarrassed smile and said, “That’s right. Although this time the Dark Elves retreated, I still fear…”

I suddenly realized they still feared another attack. This was a true problem. I scratched my head. Ah that’s right, it was like that. I took a book out of my dimensional pocket and handed it over to the Elf King and said, “This is a book of light elementary and intermediate spells I wrote myself. There are many small spells I created inside. Have your elven soldiers learn them well. With their elven innate magic, they should be able to grasp it quickly. This way you do not have to fear them.”

The Elf King took the book and looked through it, saying, “This doesn’t seem right. These are magic illustrations.”

“Ah! I’m sorry, I gave the wrong one.” I immediately switched books. Oh that’s right, I still hadn’t studied this book’s magic. I should look at it when I have the time. (Actually, the magic within is a subject of extraordinarily profound knowledge. When the Child of Light comes across his greatest difficulty, he discovered what a mistake it was to not learn that magic earlier.)

Child of Light Vol 3 Chapter 39

Volume 3: Chapter 39 – The Forest of Gods

Dusk, outside of the Forest of Gods.

“Peng!” With that sound, a halo of light burst forth and filled the sky.

Seven days ago, the Third Elder smoothly guided us to God’s Barrier. During this week, we lost count of the many methods we had used to attempt to break through this barrier. We used magical attacks, battle spirit attacks, combined attacks and penetrating attacks (all on the same place) and still we failed.

“I don’t have any more strength. It seems like we don’t have any hopes of doing it today either.” After firing off two rank 8 spells, I sat down beside Zhan Hu in exhaustion.

Xiu Si wrinkled his eyebrows and said, “Could it be that this is truly a barrier created by the Gods? Even with all of our attacks, we were unable to harm it in the slightest. It truly is too frightening.”

Xing Ao furiously replied, “I refuse to believe that! I’ll go try again.” As he said this, he concentrated his battle spirit into his knight’s sword and released a powerful slash. “Peng!” Needless to say, the barrier rebounded again.

This barrier was transparent and whenever it faced an attack, it would release seven brilliant colors of light. We didn’t know how much strength it had. I estimated that a forbidden spell wouldn’t be able to penetrate it.

I muttered, “Don’t tell me we truly have to give up? What face would I have left if I have to tell Teacher Di that I left this mountain of treasure empty handed?”

Dong Ri walked to my side and consoled me, “Don’t think too hard about it. A sincere heart is most effective. Let’s just rest for today and continue tomorrow.”

Dong Ri’s words moved me and I eagerly asked him, “What did you just say?”

Dong Ri stared at me blankly and said, “I said that we should rest first and continue tomorrow! What’s the matter?”

“That’s not it. The part before it.”

“Before that I told you not to think about it too hard. A sincere heart is most effective.”

“Yes, yes ,yes! That’s the part. A sincere heart is most effective. A sincere heart is most effective… Could it be that the method we are using is wrong?”

After hearing my words, Xiu Si’s eyes also began to shine. “That’s right! Could it be that we aren’t supposed to attack it but rather appease it?

I thought about it and said, “Forget about it. We’ll just leave it be for today. Everyone’s already exhausted so we’ll have a good rest first, and then we’ll carefully study it tomorrow.”

We laid down on a bed of spread tree leaves and looked at the sky’s stars. How do we break through this indestructible barrier? Strength won’t work. Softness of a sincere heart, what method of sincerity would work? These thoughts continued to flash through my mind, causing me to toss in bed, unable to sleep.  Forget about it. I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I’ll meditate. I’ll replenish my magic power as soon as possible and think about it tomorrow.

I gradually concentrated my mind on my Gold Dan. I felt fully relaxed and sensed the surrounding light elements. Much of the bright full moon’s light gathered towards me. I thought to myself, ‘Beloved friends, come. I need you.’

Following the arrival of the light elements, the Gold Dan gradually enriched itself. An unknown amount of time had passed and my Gold Dan had already replenished its energy. This feeling of fullness is truly comfortable. I opened my eyes. The day had just dawned. Everyone was still dreaming. I walked by myself to the edge of the barrier and lightly stroked the indestructible barrier with my hand.  I sighed to myself ten million times. After a year of effort, we finally reached here but to stop now was unbearable.

As I watched the lush forest on the other side of the barrier, my mind gradually became more and more tranquil. Ah, what a beautiful scene. At that moment, the barrier’s energies suddenly fluctuated where I placed my hand. Could it be that….?

I probed the barrier while thinking of beauty and peace. Prudently, I began inserting some of my spiritual power. In response to my spiritual power, the barrier’s energy began trembling again before it unexpectedly began to gradually accept my spiritual power.

A warm benevolent voice resounded from the bottom of my heart, giving me a fright. “Who dares to disturb my eternal rest?” Could it be that that barrier is actually alive? I telepathically replied to the barrier, “Hello, I accidently disturbed your peace. I came here in search of the Holy Sword.”

“Holy Sword? Child, it has been a long time since anyone has come here. I advise you to stop your search for it here.”


“Because I have sensed the goodness in your heart. I don’t want to see you throw your life away.”

“This is the mission that my teacher has entrusted to me. Regardless of how difficult it is, I must go complete it. I beseech of you, please allow me to enter.”

It took half a day for him to give me a reply. “Grandpa Barrier, is it alright?”

“Fine then. It’s very dangerous inside. There are three difficulties that you must pass. Each one is harder than the one before, so you must be careful. You and your friends can enter then. All of you must look after each other and in the case that you are unable to pass the ordeal, you must by all means not stay any longer and withdraw quickly. Don’t sacrifice your own life in vain.”

“Alright. Thank you Grandpa Barrier.” It seems that addressing him this way made him really happy.

I didn’t know how lucky I actually was. First of all, this barrier was setup by the God of Creation and unknown number of years ago. Any evil or violent powers were all stopped by it. After I my accidental display of benevolence, I had unexpectedly awoken this un-named “Grandpa Barrier”. Secondly, in my discussion with Grandpa Barrier, my resolute conviction allowed me to obtain his admiration. This was crucial to me winning over Grandpa Barrier. If I hadn’t been able to obtain his permission, it would have been impossible for me to enter this barrier.

I returned to everyone’s side and shouted, “Get up everybody! Quickly get up everybody!”

Pushing this and shaking that, everybody finally wobbled awake.

Xing Ao said with sleepy eyes, “What is it Zhang Gong? Let me sleep some more. It isn’t even bright out yet.”

“That’s right. What are doing so early?”

Discontent voices resounded throughout the camp.

I smiled and suddenly said with a loud voice, “I found a way to enter the barrier.”

Xiu Si was the first to recover after I startled everybody. “Really? We can really enter the barrier?”

“Yes. We’re able to enter the barrier. Now hurry up and get up you lazy slobs. We’re going now.”

Dong Ri let out a happy squeal and leaped up. “Zhang Gong, how did you do it?”

I explained how I connected with the barrier and the events following that.

“Zhang Gong, we don’t know how long this barrier has been here. I suppose that it was created by the gods. It seems that your luck is outrageously good. Let’s go. Otherwise that elder will change his mind.”

“Hehe. No need to pull. Let’s go.”

Everyone once again arrived in front of the barrier. After placing their hands on it, everyone began transmitting respectful, peaceful and warm feelings. Suddenly, the barrier began disappearing from where their hands where.

We all looked at each other in dismay while simultaneously cheering. We all deeply bowed towards the place where the barrier was before, then afterwards we headed inwards with lightning speed.

Child of Light Vol 3 Chapter 40

Volume 3: Chapter 40 – Forest Giants

Finally we entered. Everyone had a feeling of clarity.

By dawn, we had already ventured about 3 to 4 kilometers into the Forest of Gods. “Everyone slow down. Grandpa Barrier said there were dangers here.” I urged everyone to be careful.

We were surrounded by trees that reached the sky. Was the holy sword really here?

“Everyone wait a moment. It seems there is danger.” I suddenly felt an air of danger. No, it should be said that Xiao Jin felt danger and then told me. Do we dare approach something that could even frighten Xiao Jin?

We unanimously agreed to look around but we didn’t find anything.  However, the feeling of danger Xiao Jin passed on to me grew more intense.

Zhan Hu pointed at a meadow and suddenly said, “That’s abnormal. Take a careful look at the ground.”

Looking at where his finger pointed, the ground was covered in grass and there was nothing abnormal about it. However, observing it carefully, it almost seemed the short grass was slightly trembling. No, it really was slightly trembling!

The experienced Xiu Si lay flat on his stomach with his ear pressed against the ground.

I hastily asked, “How is it?”

Xiu Si waved his hand in the air wanting me to stop bothering him.

After a short moment, Xiu Si jumped up from the ground, and with a pale face said, “Not good, it seems there are unknown creatures approaching us from all directions. From the sounds, I can roughly determine there is still a distance of two kilometers between us. I fear their size is not small as their footsteps are quite heavy.”

Dong Ri frightfully said, “What are we going to do?”

Everyone was lost in thought.

Big Brother Zhan Hu resolutely said, “Let’s find an area relatively crowded with trees. We can’t let them attack us from all directions. It seems they’ve already surrounded us so all we can do now is hope for them to be weak.”

Zhan Hu’s proposal obtained everyone’s unanimous approval. We quickly found a small area tightly surrounded by trees.

Xiu Si suggested, “When they come, everyone should form a small circle and individually block the gaps. Zhang Gong, you should fire magic from the center.”

“Alright, Dong Ri’s skill is also different and will be in the center. Xing Ao and Xiu Si should form a group with Big Brother and Gao De in another. Everyone supports each other.”

As we finished planning, we could already hear the sound of those distinct footsteps. Our hearts were pounding. What were they?

Eventually we saw them. Everyone could not help but look at each other in dismay and swallow a breath of cold air.

Rows of closely packed giants walked toward us. They were not small in number. They looked as if they were carved out of a mold. They had a height of about two and half meters. Their whole bodies were made of stone. From the gap in the trees, they steadily approached us step by step. As they drew near we could hear them repeat, “Eliminate the intruders. Eliminate the intruders.”

No way! This is too frightening. What are those things? Stone Giants?

As they approached us, Zhan Hu let out a long whistle and we prepared to attack.

During this desperate moment, my mind was extraordinarily clear. “We cannot die like this, passively defending until the last man. We don’t know how many there are and there is no longer a path of retreat. We should rush towards the depths of the forest. Big Brother and Xiu Si should open up a path in front. Xing Ao and Gao De will guard our rear. Dong Ri and I will support from the middle.”

The stone giants were already in front of us. I shouted at once, “Everyone, charge!”

Big Brother Zhang Hu took the lead. With longsword in hand, he used battle spirit to send out a white ray of light toward the giants in front. The giants lifted their arms in an attempt to resist his attack. Could they really block Big Brother, whose skill neared the level of a radiant knight? White light flashed. “Ka cha” the sound of snapping. The stone giants were split in two by Zhan Hu and fell to halves in concert.

Big Brother Zhan Hu’s bold and powerful strike greatly improved our morale. Xiu Si used a similar technique to break apart a giant.

“Light Elements, my friends, form a shield of light and resist the enemy’s invasion.” I immediately exert a shield of light for everyone and in passing I used light elements to send a blade of energy to dispose of a giant behind us.

Like that, we sank into a hard battle. I was the busiest. There were still quite a lot ahead of us. Big Brother and Xiu Si’s powerful battle spirit rapidly disposed of seven to eight of the stone giants. However, our rear and sides were much more dangerous. After all as Gao De and Xing Ao skills were a bit lacking, it was difficult to support the rear defense.

This won’t do. At this speed, it is simply impossible to rush through this army of giants.

I called out within my mind, “Xiao Jin, help.”

Without warning, Xiao Jin’s majestic figure appeared in front of everyone. His appearance immediately dwarfed the tall image of the giants.

Xiao Jin let out a sky shaking dragon’s roar and spout out white dragon’s breath from his large mouth. He immediately cleared a passage of about five meters wide.

I violently bellowed, “Xiao Jin opened up a path! Everyone break through their rear!”

Xiao Jin’s formidable physical attacks had great effect. With only the sweeps of his tail and swipes of his claws, the surrounding stone giants were completely overpowered. Naturally at the same time, I could feel Xiao Jin’s magic power quickly deplete. Everyone defended me at the center while following Xiao Jin’s lightning fast forward charge. I continuously sent magic power through the connection between Xiao Jin and me.

Had Xiao Jin already completely matured, we would have been able to mount his back and fly away. It was a pity that currently, he could only carry the weight of two people at most. Even if Xiu Si and Zhan Hu could persist by flying out, there would be two graves left behind. This was something that none of us could accept. Also, it wouldn’t necessarily succeed. Therefore, no one had bothered to suggest as such.

The seconds and minutes passed as one after another, Stone Giants were smashed by our formidable strength. Our deadly rush had already traveled at least a kilometer. However, the surrounding stone giants did not appear to have lessened one bit. Although the strength of my magic power had increased by a bit, the burden of Xiao Jin’s requirements over this long length of time had gradually exhausted me. Xiao Jin was currently riddled with wounds.  His movements were already no longer as vigorous and lively as the beginning. Panting roughly for air, he could only barely struggle to maintain the front line. The others were also in dire condition. Big Brother Zhan Hu’s sword had snapped and he was at present painfully supporting himself with a branch. Apart from me, everyone had all suffered heavy wounds.

To continue in this fashion, would have everyone leave a grave behind.

“Dong Ri, Gao De, Xing Ao, all of you mount Xiao Jin, use your spirit to lighten your body. Big Brother and Xiu Si, fly up. I’ll endure for a time. All of you, quickly go!”

Zhan Hu used all of his might to chop down a stone giant and madly roared, “Out of the question! I definitely cannot leave you alone without a care.”

I furiously said, “Quickly, leave! Don’t tell me you want this place to be our grave?”

Volume 3: Chapter 42- Looking for the Holy Sword

Everyone changed to a different extent. Dong Ri’s progress was especially fast. Many had assumed that his strength was the weakest. Everyone could give him pointers. I felt that during the fight for life or death with the stone giants, Dong Ri fully realized what   he was lacking. He humbly asked everyone for their guidance. After only ten days of tireless diligence, he had felt as if he had shed his mortal body and exchanged his bones. His strength had already caught up to Gao De and Xing Ao.

Everyone packed up to continue the treasure hunt.

After three days passed without an incident, the Forest of Gods seemed to be endless.

I froze in my tracks as I felt a slight fluctuation in magic. “Everyone wait, there’s a magic fluctuation nearby.”

Taking out our weapons, I stood in the center with a wry smile, “It won’t be the same as last time right?” Although everyone kept silent, I knew that fear still persisted in our hearts from the last encounter with the stone giants.

I didn’t get an answer. With my eyes closed, I focused my Gold Dan and used it to search for the source of the magic fluctuation.

Everyone kept a tight formation as they followed me northwest.

The closer we got, the greater the intensity of the magic. It somehow gave off a feeling of peacefulness.

Walking along, we encounter a tall mountain.

With confidence I said, “It’s definitely this mountain. Let’s take a look.”

Ancient trees towered around us. We cautiously approached the base of the mountain. Surprisingly, the base contained nothing but grass. Even the trees did not exist within 50 meters of the mountain.

Looking at it, it was just a normal mountain. There wasn’t even a hermit’s cave in it, yet I still felt that the fluctuation of magic came from here.

I instructed everyone to encircle me as I sat down cross-legged. I focused my spirit, using it to seek out the source of the magical energy. It seems that the wave after wave of magical energy was being released from the heart of the mountain.

I stood up, with a frown I said, “The magical energy is definitely coming from the mountain, but there isn’t a single cave here.”

With a pat on my shoulder, Zhan Hu said “Let’s circle around the mountain, see if we find anything new.” Since no other options were available, I nodded.

We spent two days checking every possible area that might lead to an entrance, but we couldn’t even find a single crack.

In the end we arrived back to the meadows at the front of the mountain. Everyone’s spirits were worn out. I was anxious, but there didn’t seem to be a solution.

I paced back and forth on the grass. Suddenly I felt that the middle of the meadow was different from the edge. I briskly walked towards the edge of the meadow to confirm my gut feeling. The edge of the meadow was very soft, almost as if it was the same as the floor of a forest. However, the meadow had an area in the center about ten square meters that was very hard. Could it be…? I couldn’t help but feel a burst of enlightenment from within my heart.

“Everyone, I think I’ve found it.”

Hearing what I said, everyone rushed over. Xing Ao impatiently said, “What did you find Zhang Gong?”

“There’s nothing at first glance, but this area is especially hard. Something is definitely underneath.”

Everyone exchanged glances at what I had said before they took out their weapons and began clearing the knee-deep grass.

Soon the grass within a 10 meter radius was cleared. A magic hexagram with strange patterns was now visible. It seems that the grass grew from the cracks of the patterns.

Since I was the only one who knew magic, everyone looked my way with expectant eyes. Smiling, I said, “If I’m not wrong, this is teleportation magic, but even I don’t know where it teleports to.”

Xiu Si said, “Then let’s give it a try, maybe it will warp us to the Holy Sword.”

With an awkward smile I said, “I don’t know how to use it. I learned light magic, but I haven’t really learned much teleportation magic.”

Gao De asked in shock, “Then what do want us to do? Are we supposed to leave this mountain of treasure empty handed?”

Smiling, I said, “Don’t worry, even though I never used it, I still have a way of finding out how.” With this said, I took out the book Teacher Di gave me from my dimensional pocket.

“Don’t worry everyone. You should first take a rest. I’ll go investigate.”

Everyone looked at each other with a bitter smile. In a pessimistic tone, Big Brother Zhan Hu said, “It won’t be possible to learn it in such short moment.”

Scratching my head, I said, “There’s not much we can do, might as well try something. With brother’s creativeness, we will definitely succeed. Haha…”

Everybody went quiet. If it wasn’t for this sliver of hope, I was afraid a fight was going to break out. With a forced laugh I started to look for information regarding the magic hexagram using the book.

Although I said that we might as well try something, this was the first time I seriously tried using the book. Even though I was quite lazy as a child, I was still able to understand it.

At the start, my goal was to decipher the magic from the book, but as I kept reading, I wasn’t able to stop, it expanded my horizon of what I could do with magic. I was completely immersed in a sea of magic.

This book was densely packed with everything from the principles of magic spells to the applications in real combat. It was simply a priceless treasure. Not only was the language exceptionally concise, it had only needed a few sentences to introduce the principles of magic. All of the book was written in this way. Magic arrays, as the name implies, uses the battle arrays to set up various kinds of elements as its base. With a complex magic array, it was possible to have the elements resonate with nature and cast spells that were impossible to cast without them. Magic arrays normally include: barrier, teleportation, amplification, support, and unique magic. The higher the rank was of a magic array, the more that was demanded of the user as well as the complexity of the magic array.

Volume 3: Chapter 43 – The Secret Cave Adventure

No one disturbed me, while I had been exceptionally focused on my studies. Aside from eating and sleeping, I spent nearly ten hours every day studying.

At last, after three days of arduous struggling, I had a basic understanding of the contents of the book. In other words, I had grasped the basics of magic arrays.

I comfortably stretched my body and said, “I’m finally finished. I’m so tired.” I stood up and began moving my body, after all, it had been three days since I had last exercised my body.

Everyone came over and crowded around. Zhan Hu asked, “How about it? Have you found a way through?”

“The book didn’t have any information about this specific magic array.” I said, embarrassed.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Xing Ao said, “Impossible. Then we really have stop here.”

“Don’t worry everyone. Although I can’t tell you the specifics of this magic array, I reckon the use of this magic array should be similar enough. Let’s test it out.”

I made everyone disperse first before walking into the center of the magic array’s hexagram. After reading the book, I knew that a magic array requires a large amount of magic power from a magic source to activate. The most crucial point is that the mage must have enough mana to completely satisfy the needs of the magic array, otherwise the magic array won’t activate and would even bring harm to the mage. Fortunately, my magic as a magister should be sufficient.

“This magic array has long existed since ancient times. By using my magic as a medium, I’ll be able to open it.” The book had said that a magic array’s core was at its center. I collected light elements into my right hand and, with an incantation, poured them into the core of the array. The array’s core was like a bottomless pit, quickly swallowing my magic power. Dim golden rays of light rose from the huge magic array. I did my utmost to hasten the condensation of the surrounding light elements into my golden sphere, and unceasingly inserted it into the core. However, my magic power continued to weaken with the intensity of the insertion. The magic array’s golden shape grew increasingly brilliant.

Right as the oil, which was fueling my lamp, was about to dry up, the magic array ceased absorbing my magic power. The moment I released a giant sigh of relief, an unprecedentedly dazzling radiance burst forth from the array. Seeing this, I knew that the magic array was about to activate so I shouted to the others, “Quickly! Everyone quickly enter the hexagram! The array is about to activate.” I immediately began running towards one of the corners of the hexagram because I knew that only the six corners of the hexagram provided the greatest amount of protection against the magical array.

The group’s shadows parted, flashing to the other five corners of the hexagram. Just as we stepped on, we felt the sky spin. The magic array’s golden rays of light faded away with us into the air.

Whoosh.  We all fell onto the floor at the same time. Thanks to the gold light we could see a bit of our surroundings in the pitch black darkness. ‘We should be in the belly of the mountain.’ The gold light in the center began to grow dimmer and dimmer before we were suddenly enveloped within complete darkness.

“Everyone don’t move yet. Stay on guard while I recover my magic power for a bit. Then we’ll continue forward.”

“Light elements, my friends, I beseech of you to illuminate the earth.” This was the first spell I had ever learned, illumination.

A light sparked from my hand and the environment shone as if it were day. I first saw everyone sitting in a single circle around me. Nobody had completely adapted to the dazzling light yet. The cave was as tall as two people and about five meters wide. The area ahead was so dark, we could not tell how deep it reached. The entire cave’s walls and floors were abnormally smooth. It was obviously polished.

Everyone began cautiously surveying the surroundings. Xiu Si said, “It seems that we’re in the belly of the mountain. The Holy Sword should be in here.”

Big Brother Zhan Hu said, “Everyone be cautious. Xiu Si and I will lead the way. Zhang Gong will be at the center. Gao De, Xing Ao and Dong Ri will be in the back. Let’s go.”

We kept formation as we walked onward. The illumination was only able to light up 10 meters ahead, so we treaded carefully forward. However, there seemed to be no end. We had already walked for an unknown amount of time and the circumstances had not changed one bit.

“Wait a moment everyone.” I felt that there was something wrong with the situation so I had everyone halt. I took my magic staff out of my dimensional bag and continued, “I don’t know if my feeling is right, but I think we’re going in circles. I’ll leave behind this seal and we’ll see if we come across it again later.”

Xiu Si said, “I feel the same.  Let’s hasten our pace.”

We sped forward. Sure enough, in approximately half the time, we returned to where I had placed my magic staff. I picked up my staff from the ground and scowled.”

Dong Ri said, “What are we going to do? Could it be that this is a labyrinth?

I said, “No, this shouldn’t be a labyrinth. It seems we still haven’t found the crucial location. There should be some kind of mechanism.” With this said, I sat cross legged on the ground and released my spiritual energy to look for a way out. I felt my surroundings were made up of entirely impermeable mountain rock. Only the ground seemed to be hollow.

I stood up and had everyone stand apart. I pointed to the ground and said, “The ground is contrastingly empty. Let’s try and see if we can break a hole through.”

Big Brother Zhan Hu said, “I will.”  He waved his knights sword and slashed with white battle spirit toward the ground. Bang. Dust filled the air.

Before the dust had even settled, the entire cave began shaking. I shouted, “This isn’t good! Everyone gather here quickly and concentrate your powers.” After everyone gathered around me, I cast a protective cover on all of us. In return, they all used their battle spirits to form a formidable energy cover. Right as they finished forming their energy covers, the floor beneath our feet crumbled away. We all fell into the bottomless abyss together.

Not knowing how far we dropped, the energy cover eventually hit the ground. Hong. The energy cover holding the six of us shattered and everyone scattered. The formidable impact made us all receive varying concussions, knocking us all out

I felt myself completely sink into a dark vortex. My surroundings had many vague things revolving around me. The feeling of dizziness circled around me.

Suddenly a warm voice called out to me, “Child. Come back.  Don’t give up. Come back!”

A warm power surrounded me and the spinning surroundings gradually slowed down. Soon after, everything faded away and once again, I sunk into the darkness. Yet, my mind was gradually recovering.

Volume 3: Chapter 44 – Tale of the Gods

It hurt so much. It felt like my entire body was crushed. Although my body was feeling great pain, the warmth was very comfortable. A wave of warm energy comforted me and restored my damaged body. What was this?

I slowly opened my eyes and was stunned by the sight before me. I was inside an extraordinarily large shrine with many statues of gods. The floor spanned at least 10,000 square meters and the roof was over a hundred meters tall. Many large precious stones were embedded in the ceiling and walls. The main hall shone as if it were daytime. What a grand building!

We were all completely covered in light. It seems that they still hadn’t woken up and that the warm energy came from the covering of light.

I tried to move, but was met with an unbearable pain. My body spasmed with pain. I tried to scream out in pain, but my voice just did not come out. When I panicked, I fainted again.

I don’t know how much time passed before I woke up. Dong Ri’s voice sounded in my ear. “Zhang Gong has awakened!”

I opened my eyes and realized that everyone was surrounding me. I moved my body, which already did not hurt anymore. It looks like that light had treated my wound.

“How is everyone?” I weakly asked.

“No problem, everyone is fine.” Dong Ri answered.

I smiled and said, “That’s great! It seems like we are in a God’s shrine. This should be our destination. Have you found the Holy Sword?”

Xing Ao said, “We just woke up not long ago and roughly surveyed the area, but we have not found it.

Dong Ri helped me up. I inhaled deeply before checking my body’s condition. My magic power had fully recovered. How did that happen? Did that light change my body?

I hurriedly asked the team, “Do you feel like something is different?”

Gao De said, “Yes, really different. It looks like my body has changed a lot. My six senses have increased greatly. However, my skills are still the same as before, but I feel that if I continue to train, my speed of improvement will increase greatly.”

Zhang Hu nodded his head and said, “That’s right! I feel the same. It is as though I have shed my mortal body and exchanged my bones.”

Just as I was about to say something, a benevolent voice suddenly resounded throughout the whole shrine. “I welcome you all, kind children.” It was a familiar voice.

We looked around at our surroundings, but we still could not figure out where the voice was coming from. The voice seemed to be coming from all directions at the same time.

The benevolent voice echoed again, “Stop searching. You will never find me. Otherwise, did you forgot who let you all in?”

Ah~ I remembered. I softly said, “Are you the grandpa barrier?”

“Haha, you remembered. However, I am not the grandpa barrier. Actually, to you, I should be called the God King.”

His words dumbfounded us. Dong Ri stuttered and said, “G-G-God King?”

“Correct.  Could it be that you thought you would be able to breakthrough my barrier without my permission?”

We actually met a god. If that is the case, would he blame us for searching for him to obtain his Holy Sword? That should not be the case as the previous light was definitely released by him. If he had intended to harm us, he wouldn’t have saved us. However, I can’t be too complacent. I should be more vigilant. Thinking this, I said, “God King, we are here to find the Holy Sword. If you do not wish for us to obtain the Holy Sword, we will leave immediately. I just beg for you to let everyone else go. I shall shoulder the blame.”

Everyone heard what I said and began to comment angrily. Zhan Hu said, “No! If someone must be blamed, you should blame me instead. I am the eldest here. They are here under my encouragement.” Everyone else also pulled the blame back onto themselves. At this moment, the God King did not say anything. It was as if he was admiring our argument.

I shouted, “Stop fighting! You are here because of me. You are my best brothers and friends. I will definitely not allow you to be harmed for my sake.”

That benevolent voice echoed again, “Children, stop fighting. You are all good children and are not in the wrong. You were heavily tested before you arrived here. As you entered the God’s forest, you were all tested on your bravery, power, wisdom and temperament. If you had not passed, you would not have been able to come here.”

“That is to say, then, that you agree to bestow the Holy Sword upon us?”

“You don’t need to be so anxious Zhang Gong. Let me tell you all a story first.”

We all lifted our heads and quietly listened to the God King’s story.

“A long time ago, on this world, there was an extremely powerful race. They possessed wisdom, as great as that of the humans. It is not known how they were born because it happened too long ago. After generations of evolution, their race was really strong. As they were immortal, they lost their ability to reproduce. The total number of the clan remained at about three hundred. They were kind hearted, pure. They were also a species that loved all that is beautiful. They were known as the God Clan by later generations.”

After hearing this, I couldn’t help but let out an “Ahhh.”

The God King continued to say, “In the whole world’s surface, there were only 300 of them. It was really extremely lonely. After researching, they created all kinds of new species to coexist with them. In that way, they thought that they could brighten and beautify the world. They continued to create the highly intelligent human race, freedom loving demon race, kind hearted Nature Elves, simple and sincere dwarves, power loving giant race, and the powerful dragon race. All of the races had their own good points. A swarm of races all over the continents unceasingly appeared, forming a flourishing scene. The God Clan became an object of reverence for all of the other clans, thus having an eminent position among them.”

The God King stopped speaking for a while, before saying, “Just when the whole world was filled with beauty, peace and harmony, out of nowhere, an evil clan emerged. They are known as the Demon Clan. They had a lot of powers that were not from the God’s Clan. Moreover, their numbers were large. Their mind set was full of thoughts for invasion, to terrorize, kill and steal. When they appeared in the world, they killed many races. Under the God Clan’s leadership, all of the clans formed an alliance to fight against the Demon Clan’s invasion.”

At this moment, the God king looked to really be in pain. It was as though he had returned to that moment pervaded by smoke.

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