Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification


We at Ansoweb Media take matters of

Intellectual Property very seriously and are

committed to meeting the needs of content

owners. It should be noted that

Ansoweb is a simple media link

sharing system of entertainment-related content

available at a wide variety of third-party

websites, along with links submitted by users

of ng.

Any videos shown on third party websites are

the responsibility of those sites and not We have no knowledge of

whether content shown on third party websites

is or is not authorized by the content owner as

that is a matter between the host site and the

content owner. does not

host any content on its servers or network. also makes the removal of

any links potentially violating copyright easy for

Content Owners, by providing an email to have

any link removed/blocked from’s database. Users and sites

that are repeat offenders will be blocked,

banned, or have privileges revoked.

Content owners must understand that by having

a link removed from they

will not be removing the actual source video or

image from the 3rd party site.

Please remember, by choosing to not file a

DMCA takedown request with the host site, you

are choosing to not have the content removed

from the internet and only from

Content owners must also understand that is just a cloud-based social

IPTV service, which is built by the community

by simply sharing the media links that can be

found anywhere on the web or third party


We at do not have

control over what media links are being shared

with the community, however, we have now

built a DMCA automated links removal system

for any media links that were reported by

copyright owners. 

The DMCA links removal

system will only remove the same 3rd party

media source that was reported by content

owners, however, if a different source of 3rd

party media is submitted by a user, it will not

be detected by the system. The DMCA system

is only designed to remove the 3rd party links

or sources that were reported by content

owners. Whenever a content owner submits a

DMCA removal for a specific 3rd party media

source, the media source will be added to our

media blacklist database, which is used by our

DMCA automated links removal system.


Please do not send a DMCA email asking for

entire channels, categories or shows to be

removed. We only accept requests for an actual

link to be removed, as we do not host the


When submitting a DMCA request, please keep

in mind that we are a database of Live TV, TV

shows and movie-related content from all over

the internet and we have no way to verify every

single piece of content that we scrape from the

internet including posters, descriptions,

information, links to various streaming options,

and any other content you may find on

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Please feel free to send us an email at HERE and we will have the

content removed within 24 hours of notice.

FurtherMore Physinews Media will remove links to illegal

content from its website expeditiously,

however, it cannot prevent that links are

replaced by visitors of its website. In order to

prevent that a link is replaced again after being

removed by Ansoweb Media.

Ansoweb Media advises you to contact the

owner of the website where the content origins


If you have discovered or will discover in the

future any links to illegal content a notice can

be submitted to the e-mail or Ansoweb address

listed below.

• The notice must contain at least the following

points of information:

Identity of the content that you claim to beillegal and the grounds for the illegality.Examples of illegal content are, withoutlimitation: offensive, slanderous or abusivelanguage, unlawful publications, infringement ofprivacy or moral rights, misleading or unlawfuladvertising, infringement of intellectual propertyrights, the transmission of trade secrets, know-how or otherwise secret information, sexual orchild abusive information or otherwise illegalinformation;Identification of the location of the content thatyou claim to be illegal, including at theminimum the exact URL of the webpage, thedate and time you have identified the allegedillegal content and a screenshot of thewebpage, displaying the alleged illegal content;Identification of the location of the link to thecontent that you claim to be illegal, including atthe minimum the exact URL of the webpage onwhich the link is displayed and the date andtime you have identified the link to the allegedillegal content;Your street or mailing address, telephone

number, and e-mail address

A statement in which you declare:

✓ that you have a good faith belief that the

disputed use of the content is not authorized

by the owner or its agent.

✓ that the disputed use is not permitted by

law, e.g. under the Russiam Copyright Act

(e.g. is not exempted as a limitation on


✓ That you have summoned the owner of the

website that allegedly hosts, provides or

transmits the illegal content to cease his or her

illegal activity or, if not possible, why you were

unable to contact that owner directly.

✓ That the information in the notification is

accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that you

are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of

a right that is allegedly infringed or otherwise


✓ That you indemnify, all its

affiliates and it’s and their respective officers,

directors, employees, agents, and successors

from any and all claims, losses, costs, and

expenses (including reasonable attorneys’

fees), damages, penalties and liabilities

incurred by as a result of

the notice.

Upon receipt of a notice which complies with

the notice procedures set forth above,

Ansoweb Media will promptly remove the

identified link from its website. To be effective,

notices must be addressed and delivered to Media as follows:

We at Ansoweb Media have worked hard to

establish procedures that ensure compliance

with the laws of Sweden and that generate a

prompt and accurate response to all

complaints that we may receive. In order to

speed any complaint along as quickly as

possible, please make sure that you comply

with all the notice procedures set forth above.

Further More On this 

Ansoweb Does not Guarantee Accuracy

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The info contained here on is prepared for free, and no agreement or contract exists to you and the owner or the user of this website. The physical server on which the website exists, individual article writers, any administrator or anyone else in any way may be involved with Physients.

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You are not granted permission to copy anything from this website Physients Disable Right click to copy content from its blog, if in other way anyone uses tracking JavaScript code in tracing our content and the original owner claim Dmca (Disclaimer Millennium Copyright Act) you might be sued then faces the court of Law, we have Openly Legal Source we got our Live Football Streaming and other Categories involves here on Physients which we can't disclose it here..


The same brand, design or rights described above are used or derived from articles of Ansoweb that belong to the owner of any open source. Its use here does not mean you can use it for other purposes, not just for the same purpose or for the same info usage.

If otherwise stated, Ansoweb is not supported by or affiliated with any rights holder, as well as by that may not grant usage rights on the protected material. Your usage can be intangible material that is your own risk. If you need special advice about haki, please seek advice from lawyer or haki consultant.


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