FULL TIME: Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea



FULL TIME: Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea

Chelsea go through to the fifth round, where they’ll host Leeds United in a replay of the infamous 1970 final. Aston Villa’s wait for an eighth FA Cup will now stretch into a 67th year.

5m ago21.53 GMT

90 min +4: Caicedo tries to chip Martinez from a tight angle on the left, but the keeper sticks out an arm to save one final indignity for Villa.

7m ago21.52 GMT

90 min +3: Moreno crosses from the left. Iroegbunam rises highest and plants a header towards the bottom right. Petrovic gathers on the line. Where was this Aston Villa all evening?!
90 min +2: Gallagher tries to lob Martinez from 40 yards. The ball hits the crossbar, but the whistle had long gone for a foul.

10m ago21.50 GMT

GOAL! Aston Villa 1-3 Chelsea (Diaby 90+1)

A Villa corner from the left is worked back to Diaby, on the edge of the D. He sweeps a shot through a crowded box, past the despairing lunge of Petrovic, then off the base of the right-hand post and in.

12m ago21.48 GMT

90 min: There will be four added minutes.

13m ago21.47 GMT

88 min: Bailey and Kamara are replaced by Iroegbunam and Zaniolo.

15m ago21.45 GMT

87 min: Badiashile is down now. The physio comes on, helps him up, and the pair wander off. The defender holds his groin with a grimace. Jackson also makes way. Gilchrist and Nkunku arrive on the scene.

85 min: Bailey crosses from the right. The ball hits Gallagher, who clears. But did it hit him on the arm? Bailey certainly thinks so. Neither referee nor VAR show any interest, though.

20m ago21.42 GMT

83 min: Caicedo is fine to continue, by the way. For a second it looked as though he’d be replaced by Nkunku, but that change didn’t happen in the end.

21m ago21.40 GMT

81 min: Some bridge-building as Mauricio Pochettino replaces Palmer with Thiago Silva. It’s already been a banner evening for “passionate Chelsea fan” Belle Silva, whose team are three to the good, and now things have got even better as her husband gets some gametime.

24m ago21.38 GMT

79 min: Caicedo goes down in the centre circle and on comes the physio. A pause in play.

25m ago21.36 GMT

78 min: End-to-end fun as Bailey dribbles into the Chelsea box down the left, only to misplace a pass towards nobody in particular when he should have shot. Instead, Chelsea counter, and Palmer has a dig that’s deflected and snaffled by Martinez.

26m ago21.35 GMT

77 min: Petrovic is booked for taking his sweet time over the restart.

76 min: Diaby and Bailey cause pandemonium down the right. Cash hoicks a cross to the far post. Moreno heads back across goal, the ball looping over the rooted keeper. If it drops below the post, it’s in, because nobody’s stopping it. But the ball clears the bar, just. As close as Villa have come. This is so much better, but it’s all too little, too late, surely.

29m ago21.33 GMT

74 min: The effervescent Madueke is replaced by Sterling.

30m ago21.33 GMT

73 min: Petrovic allows himself to be closed down by Watkins, but the blocked clearance falls to a blue shirt. Villa then try again, the ball dropping to Diaby just inside the box. Diaby attempts to cream a volley goalwards but can only slice wide left. This is Villa’s best spell by some considerable distance.
72 min: Villa make a double change, replacing McGinn and the almost invisible Tielemans – who scored the winner for Leicester in the final three years ago, it’s so easy to forget when he plays like he did tonight. Diaby and Ramsey come on in their stead.

33m ago21.30 GMT

71 min: Bailey has a wee dribble down the right and reaches the box, but there’s no space to shoot and no options in the middle. But then Villa try again, Cash reaching the byline and cutting back for McGinn, who attempts a first-time slapshot towards the bottom right. Disasi spreads himself to block what looked like a certain goal, and nothing comes of the resulting corner. Much better from Villa, though the bar is set so very low.

69 min: Chelsea stroke it around imperiously. They’ve earned the right to strut tonight.

37m ago21.27 GMT

67 min: Villa are almost completely static. A few players saving themselves for the Premier League visit of Manchester United on Sunday, perhaps. They’ll need to play a damn sight better than this if they’re not to suffer a third home defeat in a row.

39m ago21.25 GMT

65 min: McGinn twists on the edge of the D and sends a low shot wide left. He’s cleaned out by Caicedo after the fact, and wants a free kick, but he’s not getting one. McGinn livid.

40m ago21.24 GMT

64 min: Luiz swings a free kick into the box from the left. The flag goes up for offside and Lenglet takes an accidental whack upside the head, adding injury to insult. He’s OK to continue, though, after being hauled up off the floor. If Villa are going to launch an unlikely comeback, they can’t afford to waste precious minutes rolling around on the turf.

43m ago21.21 GMT

62 min: The Chelsea fans entertain themselves with a series of olรฉs. Villa look a beaten docket, and are being given the runaround.
43m ago21.21 GMT

62 min: The Chelsea fans entertain themselves with a series of olรฉs. Villa look a beaten docket, and are being given the runaround.

45m ago21.19 GMT

60 min: Madueke, who has been dangerous from the get-go, dribbles hard down the inside-right channel and aims a curler towards the bottom left. Deflected wide. The resulting corner is swung in by Chilwell and headed clear by Carlos. A fourth Chelsea goal looks much more likely than a Villa consolation right now.

47m ago21.17 GMT

59 min: A free kick for Villa out on the right. McGinn swings it in viciously. Carlos beats Badiashile to a header on the penalty spot, but can’t keep it on target. Decent delivery, though.

48m ago21.16 GMT

57 min: Replays suggest Tielemans may not have made much contact with Fernandez for the free kick, the player tripping himself up by kicking the turf instead. But here we are.

56 min: That was a sensational free kick. A celebration to match, as he removes his shirt and holds it up so everyone can see his name and number. Into the book he goes.

51m ago21.13 GMT

GOAL! Aston Villa 0-3 Chelsea (Fernandez 54)

Fernandez earned the free kick, and he’s determined to take the shot he was denied. He steps up and … curls an unstoppable shot over the wall and into the very top-left corner of the net! Martinez got fingers to it, but the shot was so perfectly placed, he couldn’t stop it. What a free kick! What a performance by Chelsea!

52 min: Palmer dances in from the right and has a shot. Blocked. The home fans make a little noise now, and it’s not particularly complimentary. Villa are stuck in first gear. Chelsea come again, and there’s more groaning as Fernandez prepares to shoot from 25 yards only to be clipped by Tielemans. Free kick, just outside the D, a little left of centre.

1h ago21.09 GMT

51 min: Villa haven’t exactly come flying out of the blocks in this second half. The home fans remain pretty quiet as a result. The Chelsea section en fรชte.

1h ago21.08 GMT

49 min: Kamara is gently eased off the ball 30 yards from his own goal by Fernandez. The referee whistles for a free kick, pretty generously. Gallagher and Palmer were preparing to tear towards the goal. Villa grateful the whistler is in a sympathetic mood.

1h ago21.05 GMT

47 min: A fairly nondescript start to the half, and Chelsea are two minutes closer to the fifth round.


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